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Today’s secular world throws curve balls at us all the time. AskACatholicPriest is a Q&A feature that anyone can use. Just type in your question or send an email to and you will get a personal response back from one of our priests at RCSpirituality. You can ask about anything – liturgy, prayer, moral questions, current events… Our goal is simply to provide a trustworthy forum for dependable Catholic guidance and information. So go ahead and ask your question…

“Ask a Priest: Am I Beyond Hope?”

Q: I have despaired toward God and feel that he has given up on me and has already decided that I will not make it to heaven. I am very concerned that I am now beyond hope, by fearing that I am guilty of having committed the unpardonable sin. Please let me know whether or not I am beyond hope. As with all my sins, I am sincerely... Get the Answer!

“Ask a Priest: What If My Daughter Supports Same-Sex Marriage?”

“Ask a Priest: What If My Daughter Supports Same-Sex Marriage?”

Q: I had a huge fight with my daughter. She posted on Facebook how anyone not accepting of the Supreme Court’s ruling [on same-sex marriage] is full of hatred. I was trying to explain that Christians’ belief, through God’s word, is that homosexuality is a sin. Of course, she indicated it does not state anything... Get the Answer!

“Ask a Priest: Should Firms Cater to Gay Weddings?”

Q: There have been a lot of articles in the news and on the Internet about businesses that provide services such as baking, flowers and photography that are being fined and or sued because they won’t provide their service for a gay wedding. The business owners say they refuse for religious reasons because they don’t... Get the Answer!

“Ask a Priest: May I Accompany My Child in the Confessional?”

Q: This is a delicate question, but you are really the only one who can answer it. I am an abuse survivor, but I do not want to abandon the Catholic faith for another religion. My question is, for a survivor who has young children and has obvious difficulty with trust, can the parent be present in the confessional during the... Get the Answer!

“Ask a Priest: May I Go to Communion If I’m Not Living Chastely?”

Q: My question relates to sex. I confessed having sex, since I’m not married, and the priest doesn’t make a big deal out of it as I thought he would. The other day during the Mass the priest said that those who serve should receive Communion because that is what makes the Mass so special. Am I allowed to receive... Get the Answer!

“Ask a Priest: Why Were Verses Dropped From the Douay-Rheims Bible?”

Q: I am a Christian, but I am non-Catholic. I was doing some research into Bible versions throughout history. I was skimming through the Douay-Rheims (I believe the 1899 version), and verses that are commonly removed or called into question are present. For example, Matthew 17:21 is included in the DR as well as in the King... Get the Answer!

“Ask a Priest: Why Should We Care About Bodies of the Dead?”

Q: As a Christian I have had a question concerning the connection between the body and soul after death. I am very intrigued by material I have either read about or have seen on TV. It seems that there is a notion of not disturbing the dead. For example, I read an article about a 100-year-old forgotten cemetery in Nova Scotia.... Get the Answer!

“Ask a Priest: When Is Anger Justified?”

Q: What are the criteria for justified anger? Is it justified when I am angry with my parish because they seem to be indignant about my questions on how the parish finances are handled? Or am I justifiably angry because it appears that everything in the parish is run by an elite few, leaving no room for others to use their gifts... Get the Answer!

“Ask a Priest: What to Do About Noisy Kids at Mass?”

Q: I attend church regularly as much as I can. I believe the sacrifice of the Mass is the most beautiful gift given to us because of the body and blood of Christ. I am very dismayed at the amount of disrespect showed during the Mass today by young parents. We have a cry room, yet parents choose to bring their children into the... Get the Answer!

“Ask a Priest: What If I Pine for an Ex-boyfriend?”

Q: I was in a one-year-and-nine-month relationship. We broke up, and I went straight into another relationship. This relationship has been going on for three months. In the first relationship I felt love, but we had our differences. In this new relationship we have little to no differences, but I don’t feel love. He loves... Get the Answer!

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