2015 Donation Appeal Campaign


FrJohnDonateButton2You have stumbled upon our website for a reason.

Perhaps you’re a “seeker,” searching for an encounter with Christ. Maybe you’ve found Christ, but are hoping to dive into a deeper relationship with Him. Or it could be that you have questions and are seeking the answers. Whatever the reason, you’ve found a digital spiritual community at RCSpirituality.org.

You may have noticed that all of our spiritual resources are available for free. It’s our desire that nothing – especially not a price tag – prevent someone from experiencing Christ through one of our resources. And, thanks to the support of generous donors, we haven’t had to charge for a thing.

But it does require money to create our many high quality digital resources. In fact, our monthly expenses average $10,000. Average monthly donations from a small handful of digital missionaries equals approximately $3,300 – or a third of our monthly expenses.

In order to continue to offer the high quality spiritual resources that you enjoy – and to offer them at no charge – we need more of our digital “pilgrims” to step forward and become donors, or what we like to call “missionaries.”

We are currently in the midst of a year-end donation appeal campaign. Our theme is “Donate today so those who cannot give can still receive.” Think of it like “paying it forward,” so those who cannot afford to financially support our ministry can still benefit from the resources we make available online.

Our challenge to you: make a donation of $120 (which is the equivalent of a $10 gift each month). In exchange, we will give you a free copy of our upcoming book RC Essays when it comes out in February 2016.

Do you accept our challenge? Donate today – click here.