With the Heart Comes Mercy: Weekly Message for 05-31-16

Dear Fellow Digital Pilgrim: Throughout the past month our devotion to Mary has been leading us to her son Jesus. The blessings continue as we embark upon the month of June, traditionally... Read More

“Ask a Priest: What If I Feel My Faith Fading?”

Q: This is probably the fourth letter I have sent to you guys, but to be honest, I just feel like you are the people to turn to sometimes. For nearly a month, it feels a bit like my faith is declining. I think it might be because of how much religion is portrayed negatively on the Internet. But to be honest, I don’t even... Get the Answer!

Spiritual Smoothie: A Food to Help Cure Discouragement

When we’re discouraged, the Lord offers us a surefire way to find hope. In fact, He has been offering it since the Road to Emmaus.  Read More →

Eucharistic Prayer III (9)

After asking for the intercession of our brothers and sisters in Heaven, and interceding so that those scattered throughout the world may also be united one day and celebrating... Read More

“Ask a Priest: Could a Muslim End Up Holier Than a Christian?”

Q: I told my Protestant friend that if a Muslim follows his conscience perfectly, then he can be holier than a Christian. My friend thought this was ridiculous. His argument was as follows. He cites Romans 3:23, “For all have fallen short, there is no way to salvation except through Jesus Christ.” Thus my friend... Get the Answer!

“Ask a Priest: What to Do About Online Attacks Against the Church?”

Q: I often have to defend the Pope and the Catholic Church on Facebook from people who literally think the Pope is Satan and share pictures of him sitting between two angel statues. They say it is blasphemy for him to say he is God or that he is here in place of Jesus. I am overwhelmed with some of the statements [on Facebook].... Get the Answer!

Summer Meditations Now Available: Weekly Message for 05-24-16

Dear Fellow Digital Pilgrim, pax Christi: Here in Rome spring is full swing.  And as I prepare to administer final exams, everyone is already thinking about summer… Isn’t... Read More

Spiritual Smoothie: God Is Always Knocking At Our Door

The Lord is always looking for ways to enter more deeply into our lives. God is calling out to us….are we responding?  Read More →

Eucharistic Prayer III (8)

Through the intercessions of the Eucharistic Prayer we express that our celebration is done in communion with the whole Church, both on earth and in Heaven, and is offered for... Read More

“Ask a Priest: Is Blessing a Live-in Arrangement OK?”

Q: Someone was married in the Catholic Church. She then got divorced and never got an annulment. They remarried in a civil service, raised their children Catholic, participated in the church and the entire Mass. She was then widowed and now wanted to marry again. She cannot get remarried in the Church. Her estate planner has... Get the Answer!

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