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Today’s secular world throws curve balls at us all the time. AskACatholicPriest is a Q&A feature that anyone can use. Just type in your question or send an email to and you will get a personal response back from one of our priests at RCSpirituality. You can ask about anything – liturgy, prayer, moral questions, current events… Our goal is simply to provide a trustworthy forum for dependable Catholic guidance and information. So go ahead and ask your question…

“Ask a Priest: Are Mary and Joseph Considered Perfect?”

Q: I have some questions about Jesus in relation to his biological family here on Earth. If Jesus has been the only perfect person to exist in history, then what does the Church say about Mary and Joseph? I mean, Mary was chaste and Joseph helped to raise Jesus; then shouldn’t they be considered perfect, too? If not,... Get the Answer!

5 Simple Ways to Grow Closer to Mary this May: Weekly Message for 05-17-16

Dear Fellow Digital Pilgrim, pax Christi: The month of May wouldn’t be the same without Marian processions, May crownings, and other devotions dedicated to the Blessed Virgin... Read More

Spiritual Smoothie: What Is God’s Will?

God asks us to make certain decisions and puts us in particular situations in which He wants us to be faithful. Here’s the key to following welcoming God’s word.  Read More →

Eucharistic Prayer III (7)

“… we offer you in thanksgiving this holy and living sacrifice.” Along with an anamnesis where we remember what Our Lord said and did we offer his Body and Blood. Our Lord... Read More

“Ask a Priest: Is It OK to Work at a Summer Camp That Bans Talk of God?”

Q: I am planning on being a teen counselor at a local summer camp this coming year. This is something I really want to do, and I have been planning on doing this for years. The only problem is, since it is a secular camp, we are absolutely not allowed to talk at all about religion. I figure, however, that I can be a good influence... Get the Answer!

“Ask a Priest: Isn’t Moral Ignorance Blissful?”

Q: Why does God hold those with more grace or the Catholic faith to a higher standard? How can a person not envy the ignorance of unbelievers? -I. Answered by Fr. Edward McIlmail, LC A: In some way it is understandable if we are a bit jealous of the ignorance of others. We can feel that way when we look at children and see... Get the Answer!

Messenger of Mercy: A Retreat Guide on St. Paul

In today’s world, the word “mercy” has implications of weakness. Hollywood heroes tend to destroy their enemies, not forgive them. Sports teams glory in crushing their opponents,... Read More

Spiritual Smoothie: The Often Missing Piece

Since the time of the Fall, human beings have been missing something. That lack has to do with the community God intended us to have with other people.  Read More →

The Eucharistic Prayer (3)

Author‘s Note: Due to a technical error today’s post should have been published before the blog posts on Eucharistic Prayer III. It concludes my reflections on the... Read More

“Ask a Priest: May a Gay Live With His Friend in Continence?”

Q: I was born and raised in a very active Catholic family. I grew up listening to terms such as “aberration” or “abomination” and the disgust of my parents when referring to matters of homosexuality. I have always fought against being gay, since I have never wanted to sin or go to hell for this. I find... Get the Answer!

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