Daily Advent Reflection – 12.31.16

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Eucharistic Prayer I (The Roman Canon) (9)

Eucharistic Prayer I (The Roman Canon)  “Therefore, O Lord, as we celebrate the memorial of the blessed Passion, the Resurrection from the dead, and the glorious Ascension into... Read More

“Ask a Priest: Is It Normal to Be Assigned a Rosary as a Penance?”

Q: Just got home from confession and my husband questioned what took so long. I told him my penance was a rosary and he was shocked. (He has not been to confession in decades.) He asked what I had done and if I had “committed adultery or something.” This is probably the fourth time my penance was a rosary, and others... Get the Answer!

“Ask a Priest: Can the Souls in Purgatory Be Tempted?”

Q: Do the souls in purgatory still experience temptation from the devil? Can they still be tormented by the devil in purgatory? If there are different levels in purgatory, does that mean the lowest level is nearest hell? If so, can the souls in the lowest level of purgatory feel or experience the anguish souls in hell experience?... Get the Answer!

Daily Advent Reflection – 12.27.16

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Hopeful Resolutions: Weekly Message for

Dear Friends in Christ, Today within the Solemnity of Christmas, an event so big in salvation history that we celebrate it with an eight-day octave, we also honor St. John, Apostle... Read More

Spiritual Smoothie: Christmas Lights – Christ-Mass Lights

Have you experienced a new revelation? How are you showing this experience?  Read More →

Eucharistic Prayer I (The Roman Canon) (8)

Eucharistic Prayer I (The Roman Canon)  “The mystery of faith.” For more on this moment in the Eucharistic Prayers, see Eucharistic Prayer III (4). In Eastern-rite Churches... Read More

Daily Advent Reflection – 12.24.16

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“Ask a Priest: What If My Daughter Insists She Is Male?”

Q: My heart is shredded. My beautiful daughter is insisting that she is really a boy. I know this is biologically impossible. I also know that there are solid psychosocial reasons for her ideas, based on severe issues with her father (my ex-husband) and things taught and promoted in the local public school. I have researched... Get the Answer!

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