The Mystery of Eternal Love: A Retreat Guide on the Blessed Trinity

According to Pope Benedict XVI, as human beings we have imprinted upon our spiritual DNA a profound mark of the Trinity, of God as Love. For we are created in the image and likeness... Read More

“Ask a Priest: Did John the Baptist Stumble in His Faith?”

Q: Can you reconcile the seeming disparity between the question of St. John the Baptist coming from prison concerning Jesus as the messiah, and his earlier experience of baptizing Jesus and hearing the words from heaven, “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased”? Our priest in his homily yesterday seemed... Get the Answer!

Poetry Matters: A Regnum Christi Essay on How Poetry Nourishes Our Integral Formation

One important aspect of integral formation is what Regnum Christi describes as “human formation,” conceived to include the acquiring of a “rich and balanced personality,... Read More

Spiritual Smoothie: Touched by the Rosary

Listen to how the Rosary has been a powerful instrument of God’s grace to save lives, convert souls, and provide supernatural courage in times of difficulty.  Read More →

The Mystery of Eternal Love: Weekly Message for

Dear Friends in Christ, As we begin the summer months let me introduce to you several new contributors to You may have seen my name come up here and there over... Read More

Preface II of Lent

Preface II of Lent For more information on the Preface in general, see The Eucharistic Prayer (2) and The Eucharistic Prayer (3) In the spiritual silence of the desert the rumblings... Read More

“Ask a Priest: Why Condemn Origen Along With His Writings?”

Q: As part of a college course I have recently started reading about Origen, one of the early Christian theologians. I read that he was condemned by the Catholic Church for holding heretical beliefs but that some of his writings were considered canon. How is this? Furthermore, what does it mean to be condemned or “anathematized”... Get the Answer!

“Ask a Priest: What If I Still Feel Shame for Visiting a Bad Website?”

Q: I visited a bad website some years ago and sent messages to some of its members. I was stupid enough to send my picture when the members asked me to. Later on, I realized that some of my work colleagues are on that website too. I figured it out only from their reaction toward me. They reported it to my line manager. The... Get the Answer!

Preface II of Advent

For more information on the Preface in general, see The Eucharistic Prayer (2) and The Eucharistic Prayer (3) The second Preface of Advent is reserved for the last week of the... Read More

Twelve Days and Counting: Weekly Message for

Dear Friends in Christ, Allow me to ask a potentially embarrassing question. At least it’s by e-mail so no one can see you blush. Do you realize that it is still Easter? Easter... Read More

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