Meet Uncle Eddy. Navigating today’s world is tough and all of us could use a nudge in the right direction. Figuring out the right path to take at work, college or with friends is not always easy. Before making some of those big (or small) decisions, see what Uncle Eddy has to say. A pseudonym for Fr. John Bartunek, LC, Uncle Eddy, is an imaginary uncle who has been imprisoned for the Catholic Faith. Pointing toward the lives of the saints he sends a daily email with spiritual advice to his many imaginary nieces and nephews.

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St Quintinus

October 31, 2017

Dear Quincy, Have you ever wondered why everybody likes to celebrate Halloween so much?  I’m not talking about the origins of the holiday – there are as many legends about... Read More

“Ask a Priest: Should I Date Someone Who Backs Same-Sex “Marriage”?

Q: I’ve been friends with this guy for almost a year, and we recently decided that we should go on a date. We’re both Catholic, but he doesn’t agree with the Church’s teaching on gay marriage. I’m trying not to overthink, but does that mean that I shouldn’t date him? – H. Answered by Fr.... Get the Answer!

All Saints’ and All Souls’ Day: Weekly Message for 10-31-17

Dear Friends in Christ, I had a lovely, memorable experience recently. I was having a conversation with a newly ordained priest, a young man whom I had known when he was just in... Read More

Spiritual Smoothie: A Warrior’s Heart

What does the Sacred Heart of Jesus image tell us of the kind of love Our Savior has for each of us?  Read More →

St Marcellus the Centurion

October 30, 2017

Dear Marcela, I am sad to hear that you are having such a difficult time with your ROTC commitment, but I bet I know the real reason why: it interferes with some of the “normal”... Read More

St Narcissus

October 29, 2017

Dear Cassie, That is an interesting question you ask.  And I am glad that at least one of my nieces is spiritually sensitive enough to ask it.  The answer is simple: if you are... Read More

Preface I of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Preface I of the Blessed Virgin Mary For more information on the Preface in general, see The Eucharistic Prayer (2) and The Eucharistic Prayer (3) This preface is the first option... Read More

St Simon and St Jude (Thaddeus)

October 28, 2017

Dear Judy, I only have time for a brief note – it looks like they will be changing my cubicle today and I’ll have to sit in chains for a while while they do it, so I want to... Read More

“Ask a Priest: Am I Wrong for Speaking Up to a Priest?”

Q: I have a lot of respect for our priests, and my heart breaks for the pressure they are under. But at times I find myself a little angered in some of their behaviors. Am I a bad Catholic for voicing back to them? Maybe I look up to the priest too much as the image and action of the Lord. I know we’re all human —... Get the Answer!

St Frumentius

October 27, 2017

Dear Frummel, How nice to hear that you aced your midterms.  Of course, don’t think I’m blind.  I know very well that you barely studied at all – just enough, in fact,... Read More

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