Will You Help Fill the Gap?

Will you help to close the gap?

Dear Retreat Guide Family, pax Christi:

For the past twelve months, God has allowed our Retreat Guides to touch thousands of hearts and minds. I am moved by the feedback we receive after the release of every single Retreat Guide; it always confirms that our Lord really does want to be powerfully present in the digital world.

Grateful for The Past

I sincerely thank you for your generous support throughout our first year of service, and ask that you prayerfully consider continued (or beginning) financial support for our ministry. God’s providence working through the generosity of followers like you is allowing us to spread his transforming message.

Here is what some users have said:
A gift from heaven!… Absolutely inspiring! I go back and watch them with my friends and always find new thoughts, new ways to recharge my spiritual insights… I have used all of them — and each more than once, due to the layers and richness of each Guide…
What encourages me more than anything is how many groups – men’s groups, groups of families, Bible study groups, parishes – are using the Retreat Guides. Groups of convinced believers supporting each other and becoming stronger and wiser witnesses for Christ – this has been the leaven of renewal for the Church in the past, it can do the same again!

Hopeful for the Future

For the coming twelve months, we wish to continue offering this creative, transmedia resource, and we wish to continue offering it for free.

By God’s providence and through your generosity we have raised a significant sum, but we are still $40,000 short of our production budget for 2014. Every single gift makes a difference!

If all of our current subscribers and users pitch in, we are convinced that we can close that gap, assuring you the continued availability of a new, top-quality Retreat Guide every month throughout 2014.

Join Us – Become a Digital Missionary with Us!

If you have enjoyed or benefited from a Retreat Guide help us keep them coming! Help us reach thousands more hearts and minds in 2014 by closing the gap:
Consider signing up for a monthly donation of $50, $25, or even $10. Monthly donations allow us to plan ahead and work more efficiently. As a sign of our appreciation, every new monthly donor who signs up between now and December 12th (and every current monthly donor who increases their donation) will receive a free, signed audio CD of our most popular Retreat Guide to date, “Troubled Hearts: A Retreat Guide on Peace of Soul”.
Consider a one-time gift of $25, $50, or $100. These do more good than you may realize.
Consider making a memorial gift of $500-$1000. We will remember your intention in our daily prayers throughout 2014.
Consider sponsoring an entire Retreat Guide with a sponsorship gift of $8000. Pioneering across the new missionary frontier of the “digital continent” is worth it!
I sincerely thank you for your support throughout our first year of service, and I am eagerly looking forward to continue serving you throughout 2014.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. John Bartunek, LC, SThD
Retreat Guide Creator, Author, and Presenter

PS: If any of you wish to give a larger gift to help with this challenge or would like to speak with us personally, please send a note to rcspirituality@gmail.com.