Amazed by God

Join us as we journey through Advent with a weekly video presentation from Megan Houbeck, Consecrated Woman of Regnum Christi.

Each Saturday, you will receive a video. Throughout the following week, we will send you a brief reflection from the video and a question each day to continue reflecting on the theme for the week.

Want to learn more?  Watch this short video from Megan.



“The ‘hope’ of Advent comes not from Christ’s first coming, but from His future coming. Not only has Jesus come and conquered evil, reversing original sin and opening to us the gates of heaven, but He has also promised – truly promised — that He will come again. And at His second coming, He will put an end to all injustice, sin, evil, and suffering: He will finish the story of salvation that was definitively begun with His first coming.”

by Fr. John Bartunek, LC, December 2010

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