“Ask a Priest: I Am an IVF Child – Do I Have a Soul?”

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Q: I am a child made through in vitro fertilization. Two of my three siblings are also IVF babies. I have heard mixed answers about what this means for us. Do we have souls? Does God still love us? What does this mean for our parents? I do not know if they knew in vitro was wrong when they did this procedure. Thank you so much! — K.

Answered by Fr. Edward McIlmail, LC

A: You and your siblings certainly have souls, and you all are certainly beloved children of God. And ultimately you were not “made” but created out of love by Our Lord.

Your parents were not correct about how they went about achieving pregnancy. But that isn’t your fault. Despite their error, God managed to bring about something good and wonderful: He brought you and your siblings into the world.

Perhaps you can pray for your parents, that they understand and repent for what they did.

God’s design is for children to be the fruit of a loving embrace of a husband and wife, the fruit of marital intimacy.

Though that did not happen in this case, you need not worry about your own worth. You are unique and precious to God.

Jesus suffered and died on a cross for love of you, and he only wants the best for you. He wants you to be a saint.

One way to move toward sanctity is to pray for all your family, that they all reach heaven someday. God bless you!

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