A Quiet Place: How Daily Prayer Can Change Your Life

by Fr. John Bartunek, LC SThD

If you desire a deeper connection with God or have even the slightest suspicion that something is missing in your spiritual life, then now is the time to enrich and strengthen your faith with A Quiet Place. Whether you pray often or don’t know where to start, Fr. John Bartunek will help you develop a daily habit of prayer. In this small book, he gives you the tools you need to build a relationship with God that leads to lasting joy and peace amidst the constant demands of your everyday life. Get ready to encounter God in a more profound way than ever before—and see for yourself how prayer can change your life forever.

Fr. John Bartunek’s writings are always clear, approachable, and of great value. This gem is no exception. The book can even be ordered in bulk for parishes. Great for RCIA participants. Great also for Catholics more advanced in prayer life in terms of how he organizes topics – this making it very easy to talk about these topics with others. Fr. Bartunek is gives as a communicator and comes across as the authentically joyful priest that he is. — Rhonda S. Jones


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