Journey to Joy: Reflections on the 7 Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary

by Fr. Daniel Brandenburg, LC

How can joy and sorrow go together?  After all, you usually don’t find grieving widows laughing, nor newlyweds weeping. Joy and sorrow are so far removed from each other on the spectrum of human emotion that it seems illogical to stick them together. Yet there is a deep mystery here to unlock…

Your life has sorrows. You are meant for joy. Facing the reality of sorrow, we can either live in denial of the pain or dig deeper for meaning… and joy. In contemplating the seven sorrows of the Mother of Jesus, we can discover what so many Christians over the centuries have found: in Mary’s sorrows we find a model of faith and how to discover happiness in the midst of suffering.

A way to transform sadness into gladness? That is revolutionary! Discovering Mary’s method for converting sorrow to joy may just be the single most important step in your spiritual life.

Launch into these pages and begin your journey to joy: to the meaning, peace, and happiness for which you thirst.

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