Navigating Stormy Seas: A Retreat Guide on Jesus Calming the Storm

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We live in a secular age. The word secular comes from a Latin word meaning “this age” or “this world.” A secular age is based on the assumption that there is no reality beyond the material reality of this visible universe. It assumes that God, if he exists, is irrelevant to our daily lives, and that true fulfillment must be obtained here and now, no matter the cost.

This secular worldview contradicts the Christian worldview even more than non-Christian religious worldviews do, because the Christian worldview is based on the conviction that what is unseen is actually more intensely real than what is seen, and that our life here on earth is only the first chapter of an adventure that will continue forever into eternity. 

Living immersed in a secular culture is hard on our faith. We have to be even more intentional now than in past ages, perhaps, about nourishing and protecting that faith, since the predominant worldview is constantly attacking it. This Retreat Guide, Navigating Stormy Seas, will help us do that.

  • The First Meditation puts us in the boat with Christ’s Apostles as they cross the Sea of Galilee and encounter a life-threatening storm.
  • The Second Meditation gives us a chance to explore why Jesus stayed sleeping in the back of the boat while the Apostles were fighting for their lives.
  • And the conference takes us on a tour of church history showing how storms, in the light of God’s providence, actually seem to be the norm.

This Retreat Guide Booklet includes the meditations, conference, and reflection questions, along with space for taking notes and journaling. We hope it helps to further open your heart to Christ.

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