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  • Starlight: A Retreat Guide for Advent on the Three Wise Men
  • Ask a Priest: Questions & Answers
  • Study Circle Guide on The Joy of the Gospel


Starlight: A Retreat Guide for Advent on the Three Wise Men

Advent is a journey within a journey. The journey of the Three Wise Men who followed a star to Bethlehem, a journey which the entire Church celebrates on the Solemnity of Epiphany as the culmination of the liturgical seasons of Advent and Christmas, is like a living parable.

The core of the parable is the Magi’s journey: The Magi undertook a journey to encounter God. And isn’t that what every Christian life is, in its essence, a journey to the definitive encounter with God?

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Meditation 1

Meditation 2


Ask A Priest: Popular Questions & Answers

 “From a Catholic marriage, to divorce, and remarriage… How should I behave toward my sister?” GET THE ANSWER

“Is our personal participation in debt considered immoral and sinful?” GET THE ANSWER

Study Circle Guide on The Joy of the Gospel


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