Day 1 – Advent with the Saints

Accepting Christ’s Challenge to be a Saint:
How am I being called to a life of holiness?

Life moves fast. So fast that sometimes it seems things just “happen” to us. Job changes. A new friendship. An unexpected loss. Kindness from a stranger.

What is the meaning behind all these seemingly random events in our lives?

In Day 1 of our Advent reflections, “Advent with the Saints” we invite you to pause and prayerfully ponder what God is allowing in your life and how he is asking you to embrace his grace for holiness. Where do you see Christ’s challenge of “taking up your cross daily and following” him (Luke 9:23)?  No matter where one happens to be, no matter what circumstances one happens to encounter, authentic Christian living is costly.  It requires self-sacrifice to schedule in quality prayer time day after day, to be charitable with those who get on your nerves, to give your very best at work, to resist the lure of easy pleasures and live a robust Christian chastity and temperance, to devote one’s intelligence and creativity and energy to finding effective ways of bringing the truth of Christ into the lives of others, to heed God’s call when he asks you to change your personal plans for the good of the Church and his Kingdom… And the list could go on and on.

Today’s Saint – St. Saturninus

Our first Saint of the Day is St. Saturninus.  Listen to Uncle Eddy* as he invites us  to use this saint’s example to inspire us to live our best life in Christ!

Watch this short video from Fr. John Bartunek for the first Sunday of Advent.


*Not familiar with Uncle Eddy?

Meet Uncle Eddy. Navigating today’s world is tough and all of us could use a nudge in the right direction. Figuring out the right path to take at work, college or with friends is not always easy. Before making some of those big (or small) decisions, see what Uncle Eddy has to say. A pseudonym for Fr. John Bartunek, LC, Uncle Eddy, is an imaginary uncle who has been imprisoned for the Catholic Faith. Pointing toward the lives of the saints he sends a daily email with spiritual advice to his many imaginary nieces and nephews. You can sign up to receive these daily emails all year HERE.

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