Day 26 – Advent with the Saints

Heaven Bound:
Isn’t Thinking About Heaven Naive Escapism?

Our Advent journey with the Saints has given us many examples of ways to reach holiness. Our earthly journey is about discovering God’s action and grace present in all circumstances. We always need to keep our sights above and beyond the here and now to what is anticipated to give purpose and meaning toward eternal hopes. 

Do we long for total union with God that only heaven can offer? What do you imagine heaven will be like? We need to keep our sights on where we are going. We are made for heaven, where we will find absolute happiness, fulfillment, and peace. 

Listen to today’s “Advent with the Saints” reflection inspired by St. Tharsilla and St. Emiliana to keep our sights bound for heaven.

Today’s Saint – St. Tharsilla and St. Emiliana

Our Saint of the Day is St. Tharsilla and St. Emiliana.  Listen to Uncle Eddy as he invites us to use this saint’s example to inspire us to live our best life in Christ!


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