Speaking Themes Offered by Fr. John Bartunek, LC


Fr John can offer any of the following 30-45 minute talks with a book signing focused either on the particular book linked to the theme of the talk, or with many of his books being offered.  In some of these cases, the theme of the talk can actually be expanded into a one-day or weekend open retreat. Organizers can adjust the name of the activity as they see fit.


Fr John can offer a half-day or full day seminar on any of the following topics.  Some of them could even be expanded into a weekend seminar or retreat. The minimum number of sessions for a mini-seminar is three hour-long sessions – 45 minutes of presentation, 15 minutes of Q&A for each session.  Organizers can adjust the name of the mini-seminars as they see fit.

Spiritual Progress (This seminar provides an overview of the basic elements involved in following a consistent path of spiritual growth and how to keep moving forward in each: prayer and the sacraments, spiritual direction, intentional growth in virtue, apostolate, study.)

Choosing the Better Part: Going Deeper in Your Prayer life (This seminar focuses on understanding prayer from God’s perspective and moving along in the journey of prayer)

Society and Spirituality (This seminar provides a practical introduction to Catholic Social Teaching, including an organic explanation of the following principles: the common good, human dignity and human rights, progress and development, peace, social justice, solidarity, subsidiarity, the universal destination of goods.  In the shorter version of this mini-seminar, only some of those principles will be treated.)

Evangelizing Culture (This seminar focuses on the nature of culture, the nature of evangelization, and how the mission of the Church brings those two realities together.)


Fr John can offer a parish mission, consisting of Sunday Masses plus three days in a parish, with his main talks focusing on the following themes.  The parish could also organize additional side-activities in accordance with the above-mentioned topics. Organizers can adjust the name of the mission as they see fit.

The Complete Christian (encountering Christ, becoming his disciple, sharing in his mission)

Inside the Passion (can include showing and commenting on scenes from the movie: Men of the Passion, Women of the Passion, Pivotal Moments of the Passion)

Choosing the Better Part (this focuses on prayer and learning to hear God’s voice in our lives) 


Fr John can adapt the above-listed talks and seminars as themes for monthly ½-day retreats or study-circle mornings/evenings.  He can also offer a combination of talks for a multiple-day visit to a locality, meeting with different groups (men, women, spiritual guides, etc.), and even including a monthly retreat for the Legionary and/or Consecrated community.

Fr John does not usually offer a weekend spiritual exercises retreat.


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