Mary Wolff

Mary Wolff, MOM, C.P.W. ( Having been a mother in New York, and a Contemplative Prayer Warrior during her years living in the Holy Land, the author has a unique understanding of ‘life in the trenches and is deeply grateful for the extraordinary gift of the tender friendship of our loving Lord.  She is keenly aware of her own limitations but lives with a sense of ‘breathless expectation’ when she invites God into the moments and challenges of her life. She spends countless hours in Adoration, interceding especially for priests, and for all on the front lines of life; she hopes, through her prayer, to console Our Lord, and to be a conduit of His grace to the neediest place in each heart and soul, that they all may be joyfully united with Him, now and forever.  She is crazy-in-love with the Trinity, Our Lady, and her own son, Mike; she loves to laugh, is a devoted fan of chocolate … and enjoys watching Navy beat Army.

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