How to Use a Retreat Guide

A Retreat Guide is a tool to help you go deeper in your relationship with God.

Nothing is more important than giving time to God – and in today’s world, nothing is more difficult.

This Retreat Guide is designed to help.

  • Each of the three meditations will help you focus your soul’s attention on God’s Word, making it easier for you to open your heart to him in prayer, and to hear whatever he wants to say to you.
  • The conference will help you discover afresh the beauty and the power of your faith, as you learn (or relearn) a little bit more about some aspect of our Catholic heritage. (The personal questionnaire will help you apply what you learned in the conference to your own life.)

You can use this Retreat Guide however you wish, but here are our recommendations:

  1. Choose a place where you can easily unplug from the worries and noise of daily living – maybe a church, a chapel, or a favorite park.
  2. Set aside enough time for your soul to relax and quiet down – a full morning, maybe, or a full evening.
  3. Follow the order in which the different parts of the retreat appear: a) Introduction; b) the first two meditations; c) the conference and personal questionnaire.
  4. Have a notebook handy in which you can record what strikes you most, and maybe even write down your prayers to the Lord. It will also be helpful to have your Bible with you.

Take your time. Whenever something resonates in your heart, feel free to stop, reflect, digest, and converse with God about it. Use the “pause” button often. This is not a class, but simply a guide to help you spend some time alone with the One you know loves you.