Three Step Guide to Daily Mental Prayer


Find a quiet place. Turn off your phone, computer, everything.  Close your eyes, or look at something beautiful from nature or art. Remind yourself that God is with you, right beside you, eager to have this conversation with you.


THANK God for a blessing that He has given you.  It could be a little or a big one, from yesterday or from a long time ago

ASK God for something that you or someone you care about really needs.

OPEN your heart to hear His Word: “Speak, Lord, your servant is listening.” (1 Samuel 3:10)


READ today’s Gospel passage from the Bible.  The Bible is God’s inspired Word; it is one of the ways He speaks to us in the conversation of prayer.

REFLECT on what it means, what it tells you about God and God’s vision for your life.  You may want to write your own daily reflections down.  Start the day allowing your conversation to flow into your journal.  Then, bring His work and your conversation into your day.  Remind yourself to be aware of His presence.

RESPOND in your heart by first resting in the Lord’s encouragement and then talking to Him about what struck you most.  This might mean praising God for His goodness and power, expressing sorrow for your own sins, thanking Him for blessings, or asking Him for grace.  You may finish with the suggested final prayer or your own prayer, but be sure to mean what you say as you pray it.  Remember, this is a conversation with God.

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