Message from Fr. John

Here at, we have finished our first year of Retreat Guides. We want to thank all of you who have used a Retreat Guide, and in a special way those who have sent us their feedback.

Our Retreat Guide Gallery is growing! You can always find something you need to continue growing closer to Christ.

We would also like to engage your help as we move forward. We need you to support us in two ways. Will you help us?

  • First, we need your input to help us evaluate the project.

Judging from the feedback we have received, the Retreat Guides are fulfilling their purpose. Here, for example, is what Renee wrote to us not too long ago:

“This is profound, rich material that is easy to grasp. I can invest as little as 15 minutes and come away feeling as though I have learned how to walk more closely with Jesus. This site is a place of sanity in an insane world, a true retreat.”  

But even so, we want to improve, to help meet your needs more fully. To that end, we have created a very short user-survey. Will you take five minutes to fill it out for us? Please do, as it is our hope to learn how to serve you better: SURVEY LINK HERE.

  • Second, we invite you to help us keep the Retreat Guides coming.

We will strive in the coming months to continue producing a high quality product, and to make it available to more and more people. To do that, we need the financial support of those who have already benefited from a Retreat Guide. If you find yourself in that category, please consider a donation.

[box] A monthly donation from you as small as $10 will help RC Spirituality to keep the Retreat Guides coming. Click on the “Donate” button at to make your donation today. [/box]

I want to finish by thanking you, once again, and sharing one of my favorite quotations from Blessed John Paul II, because his words embody our deepest hope and desire here at

“…We must turn from ourselves to Christ, who alone can give us a new heart, a new understanding.  Each individual, at some moment in his or her life, is destined to hear this call from Christ.  Each person’s response leads to death or to life.  Faith in Christ, the Incarnate Word of God, will bring us into the way of peace…”

God-willing, we’ll see you again in August. Till then, God bless you!

Yours sincerely in Christ, Fr. John Bartunek, LC

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