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“Top quality, great teaching, and beautiful as always. It offered a great explanation of a central devotion in the Church which many no longer understand.” -Mary
“I very much appreciate these retreats. I got so much from the Gifts of the Holy Spirit guide that I can’t wait for the next one!! Thank you, thank you!” -Jen
“The Retreat Guide ‘Fire and Thorns’ was excellent and a welcomed companion for the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The illustrations are a moving accompaniment to the text and your questions help weave the knowledge into one’s ongoing life. Thanks for this beautiful tool for devotion and formation; I look forward to your future guides. God bless.” -Candace
“I loved the Fire and Thorns video and the idea of a ‘self-serve’ retreat. This guide will easily help us a lot. Thank you and God bless.” -FF
“Thank you so much for these wonderful resources, may our Blessed Mother Mary bless your amazing work. My hearty prayers and wishes. Thank you once again.” -Anonymous
“This is a great first meditation introducing the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It also helps us explore how we have or have not opened our hearts to Jesus’ Sacred Heart.” -Patricia
“I totally relate to what I just heard Father say… I love the Sacred Heart. I believe It. I desire to console it and be swept away by It and yet it is so elusive and yet so REAL at the same time… It’s weird…but I WANT ALL OF IT!… Yes, I want to support you…” -Diane
”This is so beautiful the four elements of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The fire burning all around the heart. The pierced wound of the heart. The crown of thorns around the Sacred Heart and the cross. The hope in how we can console and love the Sacred Heart by taking up our daily crosses and follow Christ is a timeless message. Thank you for a wonderful meditation to help me grow closer to The Sacred Heart of Jesus.” -PB
”Love the Sacred Heart more and more. Not knowing the promises of those who are devout to the Sacred Heart such as Friday devotion, holy hour, and frequent communion I have tried doing all three but seem to only do barely the holy hour with Jesus. I however have made past attempts but this conference gave me new zeal to do more. Thank you Father for always challenging us to grow closer to Jesus.” -Anonymous
“THANK YOU Father John. I just finished watching the “Fire and Thorn” videos and this Retreat is so VERY POWERFUL and quickly starting to become my favorite so far… THANK YOU Father John, may you be blessed a hundred fold in return for the generous work that you continually do.” -Evelyn
“Thanks again for your online retreats! I loved the Pentecost one. I don’t think I’ve ever heard the gifts described so beautifully – so simultaneously simple and profound. I want to turn them into prayers – ‘Lord, pour your strength into my weakness.’” -Isabel
“This is profound, rich material that is easy to grasp. I can invest as little as 15 minutes and come away feeling as though I have learned how to walk more closely with Jesus. This site is a place of sanity in an insane world, a true retreat.” -Renee
“I really love the Retreat Guide on Pentecost. What especially helps a whole lot and makes a big difference is your approach, which enables conveying such a deep and very meaningful message in a way that can be easily grasped and felt, in a realistic, sort of practical manner, and that’s what makes it so very inspiring. Such Divine grace!” -EH
“I am so grateful for these retreat guides!!! Fr. John and team what amazing gifts you all have. I celebrate your brilliance in developing these tools to facilitate a deep contemplative prayer life!” -Denise
“Thank you SO much for your fidelity to bringing this incredible resource to us as you have; they are beautifully done!” -Angela
“I just listened to the Taste of Victory retreat and it is a wonderful reminder to live JOYFULLY the power of the Resurrection! This contains a beautiful reflection on Baptism and I wish every baptized Catholic would listen and learn to appreciate their baptism. I was a product of poor catechesis in the 1960’s-70’s… by God’s grace I am learning the beauty of our Catholic faith! What a blessing! Thank you! Keep them coming!” -Diane
“This is awesome! Great materials and deeply rooted in Christ! Looking forward to use to nourish my own spiritual life and that of the confirmants of my parish on our next retreat!” -Will
“Thank you Fr. Bartunek and company!!! Your retreats have quickly become a powerful source of meditation and prayer for my family and friends. God bless all of you on this exciting venture!” -Oscar
“The retreat went GREAT using the Retreat Guide. The talk and the questions brought a lot of discussion. Can’t wait till the next one.” -Brenda
“The art in the videos is spectacular! I want to just stop and take it all in. These meditations are such a blessing! I’m hoping I can somehow use them to minister to the women of my parish. These videos and accompanying discussion would make for an extraordinary evening retreat.” -Mary
“I am grateful for all the retreat guides! I constantly play them on my iPhone! I love all of them! They are very instrumental in helping me to be a better Catholic!!!” -Denise
”The Retreat Guides are a true blessing and represent more wonderful ministry from RC Spirituality. The presentation is very charismatic and the spoken word combined with the music makes you feel at peace. More of the same please!” -Martin
”The retreat guides are absolutely beautiful. I find that the graphics and narration help bring me into a more spiritual place. As a Catechumen, these guides are helping me grow and prepare on my way to my joining the Church this Easter!” -Tess
”Thank you for such a wonderful tool. At this time I am unable to attend regular retreats and this is a wonderful way to sustain my growth and continue on my faith journey. The questionnaires have been very beneficial and I am always moved by the Holy Spirit and the lights that are revealed.” -Robin
“Bless you Fr. John, what a beautiful gift this retreat is.” -Lori
“Thank you for this retreat. It was just what God wanted to say to me today!” -Carl
“I love your video series… They’re simply wonderful!” -Clara
”Thank you for this amazing retreat!” -Joseph
“I must tell you that these retreat guides are wonderful and just what I was looking for amid the confusion of my daily routine. One major advantage is the flexibility one has to follow the steps, secondly it has helped me integrate my religious beliefs into my daily life, and third I marvel at the ‘simple’ yet profound wisdom that these retreats help us discover. I praise and thank the Lord for this gift and the gift of the internet without which I would have probably never come to know about your retreats at this end of the earth!” -Catherine from India
“I have been using these Retreat Guides as a supplement to our nightly prayers with the kids (ages 9 months to 21 yrs).  The retreat format and content is suited for all ages and the questions for reflection gives an opportunity for the kids to offer their reflection. I believe the Retreat Guides are a great resource for the New Evangelization.” -Duane
“Bless you Fr. John, what a beautiful gift this retreat is.” -Lori
“I have thoroughly enjoyed the Advent video retreat sessions and meditations at! Wow! Although I loved all three meditations, here is one of my favorite quotes from the second meditation, “Christ is Your Light”:

‘We need to remember and reflect on our experience of God’s light and think about those times he guided us through our deserts with a pillar of fire just as he did for his chosen people during the Exodus. If we don’t use our memory to keep our faith bright and strong, we will become vulnerable to cynicism, discouragement, rationalism and frustration.  We’ll forget that we really, really, really matter to God.’

I have really appreciated these video retreats!” -Peggy

“Oh! this is a wonderful retreat! It is rich and words cannot describe feelings retreat. Thanks again for your gift. You will change many people’s lives helping to meet God’s love for them. Thank you again from deep down in my heart.” -Anna
“Enjoyed your Advent Retreat Guide very much! It’s amazing how much information you have managed to include in such short videos. I liked that they were so dense – it did mean that I had to listen through the meditations twice, but it’s very nice when every word in a video matters. It’s great that you offer the retreat in so many different formats, and that it’s overall very polished (music, art, the set, etc.). I really hope you’ll make more retreats like this in the future! (And please keep the retreat available so that I can go through it next Advent again.) Thank you!” -Anita
”Wow, thank you Fr. Bartunek for doing this, watching this video, the music is so calming, your message so encouraging. I need this type of daily retreat to start my crazy brain on a positive note. Advent Blessings!” -Doug
”Thank you for this truly Holy Spirit inspired mini Advent retreat. It filled my heart with love, hope and joy in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Thanks so much Father John.” -Susan
“Just did this retreat. It was beautiful, rich in both high quality content for the mind and deep inspiration for the soul. I cannot recommend it highly enough! Top quality production of even higher quality content!” -Mary
“I invited some couples over for the evening to listen to the retreat guide together. We made it into a very nice social with wine, coffee, tea and appetizers. I downloaded the retreat guide and we all watched it on our TV together and then answered the questions as a group. It was really wonderful to be able to participate with our husbands. They enjoyed it so much we have decided to host the retreat guide in alternate homes each month so that our husbands have an opportunity to get together with each other. Thank for this wonderful opportunity to grow in our faith together. We all loved the visual presentation. The art was beautiful. The retreat was rich and deep. There is so much to learn about our Catholic Faith.” –Mary Catherine
“I love what you guys are doing. You are leading souls to Christ. Please keep it up! I love the Better Part, your videos, these retreat guides. Keep em coming! I want to support you prayerfully and financially because you do such great work. You help me encounter Christ, almost every day.” -Cameron
“Loved the tie between faith and history for the Advent Retreat Guide.” -Mac
“Dear Father John, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for making the Advent Retreat, Father. I honestly have not paid much attention to these Gospels in the past (with this detail and depth). But now, I can’t seem to have enough of it. Starting to become my “Advent novena”. And each time I listen to the meditations, seems like the message of love is seeping through the layers, deeper and deeper, into my heart, into my soul. Thank you, Father John. Thank you for this invaluable gift, this has definitely made the season of Advent more meaningful, more real.” -Evelyn
“This monthly retreat truly is an answer to prayer! THANK YOU! We have been gathering a group of women to meet for First Saturday Mornings of Reflection and this will fill a HUGE need we had for the spiritual component to the morning.  God Bless You for this initiative…it is a blessing.” -Laura
“I hope your Advent is going well! Mine just got a lot better with the arrival of the Legion’s Advent Retreat! It is outstanding, fantastic, wonderful, perfect, superlative, and on and on and on! I feel like I’ve been thrown a lifeline. My thanks to everyone who made it possible – from those who approved the project to all of those who worked on it in any way!” -from a RC member
“I really like this… God has plans for me… I don’t have a good family relations but pray on it!! God your guidance is always with us.” -Emmer
“…My Advent just got a lot better with the arrival of the Legion’s Advent Retreat! It is outstanding, fantastic, wonderful, perfect, superlative, and on and on and on! I feel like I’ve been thrown a lifeline. My thanks to everyone who made it possible – from those who approved the project to all of those who worked on it in any way!” -from a RC member
“Thank you for saving our mother’s Advent Bible Study! Your retreat guide is wonderful!” -Bridgette