Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Jesus, the Kingdom Incarnate, and the Heart of the Encounter

Uniting ourselves to the whole Church on the synodal journey it has begun, and walking this path together as a global community of Regnum Christi apostles who want to listen and discern where the Lord leads us, we pray that through this novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus we may find renewed enthusiasm to go out to meet people where they are and where they need to meet Christ and bring them his love in a more fruitful way as missionaries of the Word and apostles of the Kingdom.

We seek to “contemplate God with the eyes of faith through his revealed Word and the life-giving contact of the Sacraments, so that, in daily life, we may see the reality that surrounds us in the light of his providence, judge it according to Jesus Christ, Way, Truth and Life, and act from the Church,  Mystical Body of Christ and universal Sacrament of salvation, in the propagation of the kingdom of God, which is sown on this earth and which bears full fruit in Heaven.” (concluding document of the 5th General Conference of the Latin American Episcopate)



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