Day 7 – Silence of the Heart of Christ, speak to my heart

Day 7 – Silence of the Heart of Christ, speak to my heart



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With the Kingdom of your Heart, reign in my heart.
With the humility of your Heart, shape my heart.
With the joy of your Heart, enlarge my heart.
With the love of your Heart, inflame my heart.
With the light of your Heart, dispel the darkness of my heart.
With the knowledge of your Heart, make my heart wise.
With the silence of your Heart, speak to my heart.
With the will of your Heart, govern my heart.
With the patience of your Heart, support my heart.
With the zeal of your Heart, set my heart on fire.
With the obedience of your Heart, make my heart submit.
With the constancy of your Heart, keep my heart faithful.
With the fortitude of your Heart, sustain my vocation.

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  1. Dear Monica, this is the first day I have actually taken part in the novena although I signed up in advance. It was the answer I needed today. Thank you for bringing Jesus’ message to me and I now know that when I see the candle burning and flickering it is the heart of my Beloved there for me.

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