Online Courses Now Available!


Our hope is to present courses that are not only interesting and relevant in regards to the information they offer, but also reflect our philosophy of integral formation.  As you follow our online course offerings, you will discover that even though the courses are primarily directed at your understanding, they will also enrich your prayer life, your growth in the Christian virtues, and your efforts to contribute to the Church’s work of evangelization – Pray, Learn, Grow, and Go! are always meant to be connected, from our perspective.  Our online classes are no exception.

Many of these online courses will be available for you to follow completely at your own pace and according to the needs of your own schedule. Some of them will have a live instructor to guide discussions.  Our first two courses, one on forming your Leadership capacity and another on a Catholic Vision of Spiritual Maturity, are designed to be done either individually or in groups.

Courses now available:

RCSC 101: A Catholic Vision of Spiritual Maturity

A coherent and integrated vision of the different elements involved in growing to spiritual maturity

RCLF 101 – Regnum Christi Leadership Formation 101

Taking up The Leadership Challenge as a Regnum Christi Apostle