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If you’ve ever wondered if there’s an easier way or features
you didn’t know about on our RCSpirituality website, read on!
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1. See screen text more easily 

On the RCSpirituality Website

    • Find the Accessibility Tools icon in the upper right area of your screen and click it to display the menu displayed at right.
    • The options enable you to change the text size and font and the foreground and background colors.
    • Settings return to default when you exit and re-enter the website.

In RCSpirituality Emails

    • In some browsers, you can change the font size in Windows applications.
    • To increase the text size, hold the Ctrl key down and press the PLUS ( + ) sign (on many keyboards, hold down the Shift-key and press the key to the left of the backspace).
    • To decrease the text size, hold the Ctrl key down and press the MINUS ( – ) sign (on many keyboards, this is placed to the right of the zero).

2. Bulk Discounts 

We want to help you access resources to grow in faith; therefore, among the relatively few offerings for which RCSpirituality charges, some are available at a bulk discount.  Whether you belong to a prayer group who grow together or you know a number of like-minded individuals seeking another way to grow spiritually, here’s how you can benefit from a group purchase.

Books and RC Essay Bulk Discounts

Receive a discount when ordering 20 or more books or essays.  On the web page where your chosen book is described, scroll down the page until you see directions for placing bulk orders. Click the link to order through the Bulk Order Form. The discount varies by book.

RC Essays:  MIX and MATCH option!  When ordering RC Essays in bulk, you can mix and match RC Essays to meet the 20 quantity minimum.  The RC Essays Bulk Order Form is found here: https://rcspirituality.org/bulk-order-form-multiple-rc-essays/

How others benefitted from bulk discounts:  *  Prayer and study groups save by purchasing their next two or three studies’ resources at one time  *   Retreat leaders providing resource for attendees  *  Individuals gifting a faith-enhancer (e.g., at Christmas) to multiple family and friends  *  Individuals and groups building their home and parish libraries  *

Online Classroom Bulk Discounts

Whether you wish to complete a study on your own or at the same time with a group, you can benefit from a discount by ordering the class with others.

  1. One person orders and pays for the course using the group option.
  2. RCSpirituality sends a coupon code for the books purchased to the person who ordered.
  3. If not already enrolled, those wishing to take a course enroll – for free – in our Online Classroom.
  4. Anyone enrolled can register for the course using the coupon code.

3. Search Options 

You can perform a Keyword Search throughout the entire RCSpirituality Website or within one Resource Type.  Some pages on our website offer only the Entire Website Search and others offer only the Search Within One Resource Type. As of this blurb’s posting, each type of search can be found on the pages as listed below.

  • Within one Resource Type
    Find the Keyword Search box at the bottom of selected screens.  Enter the words to search for and press the Search button. The list returns matches only from within the current Resource type. Web pages offering this restricted search include:Online Classroom
    RC Essays
    Retreat Guide
    Spiritual Smoothies
    Study Circle Guides
  • Entire Website Search
    To search our entire active site, press the Search option in the bottom colored box block on almost every screen or use the Keyword Search option that appears on the right side of the page under the sidebar text and and images. Enter keywords then press the Search button to display a list of pages containing the keywords. The list displays the page title and includes the link to jump to that page.  Web pages offering the “Entire Website” search under the sidebars include:All About menu options
    Ask A Priest
    Gospel Reflections
    Retreat Guide Booklets
    RCSC Published Books
    Uncle Eddy
    Weekly NewsletterCaveat: Common phrases return a multitude of entries, particularly from the Gospel Reflections and Ask A Priest resources.

4. Novenas – Your Way 

Coming Soon…


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