A Heart Like Jesus: A Regnum Christi Essay on Contemplating and Imitating Jesus

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The Regnum Christi Statutes state that our ideal is to proclaim and expand Christ’s kingdom by seeking to “clothe ourselves with Christ in our hearts and in our works, so he reigns in our lives through a progressive configuration with him.” Therefore, our very purpose as Regnum Christi members, as Christians, is to have a heart like Jesus. 

Getting there is a process. 

How do we do that? We must know our own heart, the heart of Jesus, and some principles for the journey. However, each of these three topics is vast. To narrow our focus, we shall concentrate on a perspective that is proper, but not exclusive, to Regnum Christi: the integral, or harmonious, understanding of the human heart and its vocation to love. We desire, and Jesus possesses, a harmony within the heart. It is this harmony, or peace, between our intellect, will, emotions, and appetites that enables us to love more perfectly. Therefore, this essay will: 

1) Reflect upon the human heart and its longing for love and interior peace.

2) Contemplate some attributes of the heart of Jesus which reflect his passionate love and interior harmony. 

3) Offer some concrete principles to assist in our effort to “put on” Christ in our hearts. 

Finally, it will conclude with a reflection on the entire process as a living relationship with Jesus Christ. We center all of our efforts to grow in virtue and to serve others in Jesus. He is the focus, the leitmotif, of all we do.

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