It’s about Time: A Regnum Christi on Time and Its Relationship to Eternity

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In Regnum Christi, the importance of time in relation to eternity has always been an essential lens through which we have understood our call and mission—to reveal Christ’s love, to form apostles, and to launch them in their mission to make Christ’s Kingdom present in society.

Though we are not inventing something new after all, both Sacred Scripture and the Tradition of the Church attest to its importance—a sense of time and eternity has always had a special place within our spirituality. However, the best principles can become distorted, and
at times we may have unintentionally confused this lens with others like activism and an overemphasis on numeric goals—even to the detriment of relationships. Yet, at the same time, a healthy sense of time and its relation to eternity is essential to our charism.

In this RC Essay, we hope to offer a checkup to make sure that the lenses we are using to see time in relation to eternity are crystal clear.

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