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Do you have a favorite book? Please complete this form to make your suggestion. Use the current book descriptions as a guide. Your suggestion should be about 300 words and give others a balanced discussion of how this book could be helpful in formation. These suggestions will be reviewed periodically and considered for inclusion in the Recommended Reading List.  Thank you for your input!


  • Please note: The more thorough your write up is, the more helpful it will be to our review team to evaluate whether your suggestion belongs in the top 10 books for its category. Your summary should be between 50 - 100 words. Give a general explanation of the book.
  • This should be a short write up of how this book is helpful to someone in this particular stage of formation. Explain how this book could be used for formation.
  • Use this section to point out any shortcomings of this formation resource. Not every book is for every person. Try to capture who might not benefit from this book.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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