A Woman Clothed with the Sun: An Advent Retreat Guide on Our Lady of Guadalupe

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During Advent in the year 1531, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to a native Mexican, St. Juan Diego, and asked him a favor. She sent him to the bishop with a request to have a Catholic church built on the hill where she was appearing—Tepeyac Hill—in present-day Mexico City. The bishop was skeptical. He responded to the petition with a request of his own. He asked for a sign to show that this request indeed was coming from God. When Juan Diego relayed this to Mary, she complied—she provided a beautiful, dramatic sign indeed.

This sign made an incalculable impact on the evangelization of the Americas, an effect that continues to resound and spread even today.

These events and that incredible impact are the subjects of this Advent Retreat Guide: A Woman Clothed with the Sun.

š The First Meditation will unpack the events as they unfolded, showing how they echo the meaning of Advent.
š The Second Meditation will explore the actual words of Our Lady in her conversation with St. Juan Diego, words that beautifully echo the meaning of Christmas.
š The Conference will reflect on the symbolism present in the image itself, symbolism that can help stir up the spirit of Christmas in our souls.

The Personal Questionnaire/Group discussion questions are available in the Companion Guide Book or Small Group Companion Guide. Either download the PDF Companion Guide Book or purchase it. The Companion Guide Book is available for purchase as a paperback or in Kindle at Amazon. Pause the video at any moment to go to the Companion Guide Book or continue to the next meditation.

Let’s begin by turning to the Holy Spirit, and humbly asking him to guide us in this Retreat.




A Woman Clothed with the Sun: An Advent Retreat Guide on Our Lady of Guadalupe

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  1. This was a lovely retreat and just what I needed at this time of the year. I truly didn’t know the story of Our Lady of Guadaloupe. Thank you, Father John, for being a guide on my spiritual journey. Your book “The Better Part” is amazing…I use it daily, read passages to the elderly each Sunday when I take communion and have bought copies of it for a number of friends.

  2. Thank you so much for this beautiful retreat. It reminds me of Mary’s great love for us and that she wants all of us to know and love her son, our Lord.

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