Christ Alone is Enough: A Retreat Guide on St. Paul’s Letter to the Colossians

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Not unlike the culture of today, the young Christian community in Colossae was experiencing turbulence, with many teachers expounding false doctrines.

Some teachers there were claiming that Jesus, and the grace Jesus gives, were not sufficient for our salvation. Instead, so these teachers affirmed, we need to add on the mediation of angels and other spiritual forces, as well as various ritual practices that worked almost like magic when combined with special, secret knowledge beyond what Jesus had taught.

St. Paul recognized the danger in these kinds of false doctrines. His Letter to the Colossians functions as a kind of inoculation against those false teachings, and against the deadly virus of spiritual self-sufficiency that they were spreading. And that’s a virus that has reappeared in our own age. In this Retreat Guide, we will have a chance to renew our inoculation and discover again that Christ Alone is Enough.

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  1. Another fantastic retreat, RC Spirituality team!! It is so easy to be tempted to self-sufficiency, even in the spiritual life. Thank you for highlighting the Colossians letter, and reminding me of how to use Lectio Divina more thoroughly. I especially was helped by the two secrets of the monastic life!! God bless you!

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