Fire of Mercy: A Retreat Guide on All Saints’ and All Souls’ Day

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When was the last time you thought about what happens after we die? Certainly, you already know what happens—we all learned it in Catechism class: first comes death, unavoidable for all of us, then comes judgment, and depending on how that goes, either hell, purgatory, or heaven. We know that. God has revealed it to us, and the Church teaches it clearly and authoritatively.

But when was the last time you really thought about it?  After all, if God has revealed it, he must have a good reason. Thinking about these eternal truths must be able to have a positive influence on how we live our daily lives here on earth. Otherwise, God wouldn’t have made such a big deal about them. But he did. Why?

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  1. Thank you, Fr. Bartunek, for this thoughtful retreat as All Saints Day and All Souls Day are coming up this week. Your commentary was so beautifully laid out using references from the CCC, the bible, the popes and the saints. It is always helpful to review Holy Mother Church’s teachings on the four last things. Viewing it has strengthen my resolve to pray daily for the souls in purgatory and to offer more sacrifices for sin -mine and the whole world. May God bless you and your ministry.

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