Living Water: A Lenten Retreat Guide on Christ’s Encounter with the Samaritan Woman

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On the Third Sunday of Lent, we read of the mysterious encounter between Jesus and the Samaritan woman. It takes place while Jesus is resting alone near Jacob’s Well and his disciples have gone into town to get some supplies before continuing their journey. That encounter is the subject of this Retreat Guide.

  • The First Meditation will explore what this encounter reveals about Jesus himself.
  • The Second Meditation will explore what it reveals about us.
  • And the Conference will get practical by digging into what “doing God’s will” really means and why Jesus puts so much importance on it.

The Personal Questionnaire/Group discussion questions are available in the Companion Guide Book or Small Group Companion Guide. Either download the PDF Companion Guide Book or purchase it. The Companion Guide Book is available for purchase as a paperback or in Kindle at Amazon. Pause the video at any moment to go to the Companion Guide Book or continue to the next meditation.

Let’s begin by quieting our hearts and minds and turning our attention to the Lord, who never stops paying attention to us. Let’s ask him for all the graces we need, and most especially, for the grace to taste the living water that flows out of this encounter—and every encounter— with Jesus Christ.




Living Water: A Lenten Retreat Guide on Christ's Encounter with the Samaritan Woman

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  1. Absolutely wonderful!! Especially for me the scripture of Jesus and the Samaritan women has always pulled me in–as if I was there and saw it happening. Thank you Father!! Frances, OFS

  2. Amazing. !! I will be listening to it over n over again as it reminds me how jesus continues to transform my life. Everyday. Thanks Father. … can’t tell you how much your rretreats and books have helped increase my faith. N thirst. for Jesus. Thank you. !!! .

    1. The Companion Guide Book is a great free resource to help get the most out of any Retreat Guide. After you have logged on to your free account, you will see a bar above the first video. The bar has three parts: Video, Audio, and Print. Click on the Print button and you will see two choices for PDF downloads. Enjoy!

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