Seasons of Change: A Retreat Guide on Spiritual Growth

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In the first centuries of Christianity, you had to be careful about publicly referring to people as Christians. So our ancestors in the Church came up with a code word to refer to those who shared the faith: they called each other “fellow pilgrims.”

It’s a good phrase, an accurate one. As Christians, we know that our life on earth is a purposeful journey guided by God’s providence. This journey takes us through many stages, many seasons of spiritual growth that the Lord uses to prepare us for our final destination: the Father’s house in heaven.

This Retreat Guide will show us how this pilgrimage truly works.

  • The First Meditation will explore the springtimes of our Christian journey.
  • The Second Meditation will explore its summers.
  •  And the Conference will examine its autumns and winters: Those times of painful transition sometimes referred to as the dark night of the soul.

The Personal Questionnaire/Group discussion questions are available in the Companion Guide Book or Small Group Companion Guide. Either download the PDF Companion Guide Book or purchase it. The Companion Guide Book is available for purchase from Amazon.

Pause the video at any moment to go to the Companion Guide Book or continue to the next meditation.




Seasons of Change: A Retreat Guide on Spiritual Growth

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  1. May the God of holiness preserve and give increase in holiness and service to this great order which overcame the darkness through faith and now is the light for all of us.
    I am overcome with the power of grace which flows from them into my soul.
    Thank you

  2. This retreat is certainly one to return to again and again as we travel on our pilgrim way. Thank you for this wonderful gift. I truly felt as though we were walking together. Peace to you

  3. I really enjoy listening to Fr. John and following the retreat guide. It is spiritually elevating and nourishing. Congratulations and thanks Fr. John.

  4. I thought it was fantastic! I had a profound conversion experience 9 years ago while I had cancer. I am so fortunate because by Gods grace I understood everything Fr John was explaining in this retreat guide. Thank you Fr John, you are an amazing teacher and person. I feel the Holy Spirit’s grace when you are speaking and explaining your retreat guides. God Bless!

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