The Apostle of the Apostles: A Retreat Guide on St. Mary Magdalene

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St. Mary Magdalene was a sinner (like all of us) washed in the merciful love of the Lord—and his love for her filled her with a great love for him. Christ chose this woman to tell his apostles the good news of his resurrection. She was as St. Thomas Aquinas called her, “the apostle of the apostles.”

We can learn a great deal from her story. We can grow in our relationship with the Lord she loved so much by reflecting on her life. And by her example and her intercession, we can become more joyful and committed witnesses to the risen Christ in our own lives too. We’ll follow this path for our Easter Retreat with St. Mary Magdalene:

  • In the first meditation, we’ll consider how St. Mary Magdalene sought Christ, and, above all, how she was sought by him.
  • In the second meditation, we’ll reflect on how Christ definitively found St. Mary Magdalene—but not in the way she expected.
  • And finally, in the conference, we’ll look at several ways we can grow in our own calling to be apostles of Christ’s resurrection.

The Personal Questionnaire/Group discussion questions are available in the Companion Guide Book or Small Group Companion Guide. Either download the PDF Companion Guide Book or purchase it. The Companion Guide Book is available for purchase as a paperback or in Kindle at Amazon. Pause the video at any moment to go to the Companion Guide Book or continue to the next meditation.




The Apostle of the Apostles: A Retreat Guide on St. Mary Magdalene

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    1. Great question! Our downloadable pdf is free, quick, and easy. But if you would like something a little nicer, we offer the full text, some images, and the questions/quotes for reflection in our Retreat Guide Booklet. The choice is yours. God bless.

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