The Faithful Steward: A Lenten Retreat Guide on St. Joseph

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Why is St. Joseph such a popular patron, such an important figure for Catholics of all times and places? What do we really know about him? What does he have to teach us about what it means to follow Christ and experience the fulfillment that comes from spiritual maturity, the fulfillment we all long for?

Those are some of the questions we will explore in The Faithful Steward: A Lenten Retreat Guide on St. Joseph.

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  1. I really enjoyed this retreat study as I have the other two I have watched. I am part of a women’s prayer group that is using these retreats for a zoom meeting for discussion every third week. I have found them so inspirational that I have introduced them to another study group that meets weekly by teleconference. We will be having our first meeting using one of these studies on the 7th of September. We only meet for 1 hour so I plan on discussing one meditation per week with the third week being the Conference and 10 personal questions. Looking forward to sharing this with them. Thank you for offering these.

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