Speaker Bureau FAQ’s and Best Practices

The RCSpirituality Speaker Bureau connects Speakers to Audiences!


  • I just received a request to speak at an event, what should I do next? You will receive requests for speaking via email.  It will include information about the dates, audience, and the event for you to decide if this is something that will work with your schedule.  You will be able to select “Yes” or “No” on the email that you receive.  Clicking “Yes”, will connect you with the requesting event. Clicking “No” let’s the event contact know that you are not available and suggests that they reach out to another speaker. 
  • Okay, I clicked “Yes” to the request, now what should I do? The best next step is to reach out via phone or email to the requesting event contact, which will be provided in the email.  Once you are sure you can commit, we recommend setting up a written agreement.  We will share a link to a template that can be used soon.  Or you can use your own agreement template.
  • I noticed that there is some helpful information missing when an event requests a speaker, who can I talk to to help improve this form? Thank you! Please contact Jen Meyer, jen@rcspirituality.org, with any suggestions on what that we can improve the forms or any other information.
  • I would like to update my Bio on the website, how can I do this?  Please contact Jen Meyer, jen@rcspirituality.org, she can make the updates.
  • I am temporarily unavailable for Speaking Events, can I be removed? Yes, please contact Jen Meyer, jen@rcspirituality.org, she can remove your name from the request form and hide your Bio until you are ready to start accepting Speaking Engagements.
  • I know someone who would make a great Speaker, can they apply? Yes, we are always interested in helping connect more talented speakers to audiences in need.  Please feel free to share this link with them.

How can you help promote RCSC at your event?  As we mentioned in the Overview, there are many different ways you can help promote RCSpirituality at your events. 

  • Sell books. We offer a library of books produced by RCSpirituality. You can purchase and sell them directly, or you can suggest the event purchase them and sell to help offset the cost of your stipend.
    • All RC Essays and Retreat Guide Booklets can be purchased through our bulk order page here.
    • See our full list of books here. Please reach out to Jen@rcspirituality.org for more information on how to order.
  • Plug a Product. We offer so many resources at RCSpirituality.  Perhaps your talk could include one of the resources available for free to help your audience depending on the theme.   We will share more information here with links to our different products and descriptions.
  • Pass out Promotional Materials. We will share information soon on promotional materials available.

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