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Spiritual Smoothie: The Role Of Marian Shrines

Discover the reasons so many people are drawn to visit Marian shrines and how these pilgrimages lead to spiritual growth and deeper devotion to Mary. Learn more here…  Read More →

Spiritual Smoothie: Learning From Our Spiritual Mother

Mary, Our Mother, shows us how to find strength, peace, and hope through all of life’s circumstances and trials. Learn from her example!  Read More →

Spiritual Smoothie: Sin Hurts

Fr. Bartunek shares a powerful image that shows how our sin hurts the heart of Christ. It’s not something we want to think about, but it’s important that we take the time to... Read More

Spiritual Smoothie: The Power of Mary’s Example

The Gospels give us many details and descriptions of the life of Mary in order to give us an image of what a mature Christian looks like. Spend time reflecting on the Blessed Virgin’s... Read More

Spiritual Smoothie: The Essence of the Rosary

Why is the Rosary so important, and why should you be praying it every day?  Read More →

Spiritual Smoothie: The Heart of Chivalry

Christ was the first Christian warrior, and it was His love that transformed the barbarism of pagan Europe into a more civilized society. Learn more here…  Read More →

Spiritual Smoothie: A Warrior’s Heart

What does the Sacred Heart of Jesus image tell us of the kind of love Our Savior has for each of us?  Read More →

Spiritual Smoothie: Where is Mary?

St. John Paul II noticed that an image of Our Blessed Mother was missing in the most important place in the Christian world…he took care of that.  Read More →

Spiritual Smoothie: Jesus Speaks to St. Margaret Mary

Do you know the story of Jesus speaking to a saint about His Sacred Heart, and all of the depths contained within this devotion?  Read More →

Spiritual Smoothie: Rejoicing the Heart of God

How does rejoicing please God?  Read More →

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