Spiritual Smoothies

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Spiritual Smoothie: The Origin of Our Lady of Victory

Where does the honorable title for our Blessed Mother, Our Lady of Victory, come from?  Read More →

Spiritual Smoothie: A Heart Enthroned on Fire

What does fire in the Bible represent?  Read More →

Spiritual Smoothie: Why do Sundays Matter?

Is it a sin to miss Mass on Sunday? If so, why?  Read More →

Spiritual Smoothie: The Essence of Marian Devotion

How did Mel Gibson’s movie, The Passion of the Christ, change many Protestant pastors view on Our Blessed Mother?  Read More →

Spiritual Smoothie: Why Is Mary So Important?

Why is the Blessed Mother so important, and why should we all realize this importance?  Read More →

Spiritual Smoothie: Sunday’s Fourth Characteristic – Rest

What is the fourth characteristic of Sunday, and often the most difficult for us to do well?  Read More →

Spiritual Smoothie: The First Form of Marian Devotion – Her Presence

How does God want Mary to be involved in our life and mission?  Read More →

Spiritual Smoothie: A Long History of Marian Intercession

More miraculous proof that prayers to Our Blessed Mother work!  Read More →

Spiritual Smoothie: Sunday’s Third Characteristic

What enjoyable responsibility are we fulfilling when we reach out to family and friends on Sunday?  Read More →

Spiritual Smoothie: Staying Connected to the Vine

How do we avoid anxiety in our day to day activities, how do we live in peace?  Read More →

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