Spiritual Smoothie: A Place for Holy Silence

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God is always thinking of us and drawing close to us. In our world today, it’s hard to stop and listen for Him in the midst of our busyness. Find out more about this spiritual discipline and how you can incorporate into your life.


Did you enjoy this Spiritual Smoothie? The video content was originally produced for our Retreat Guide, Trouble With Trust. Access the full Retreat Guide to delve deeper here.

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  1. Father, hit the mark perfectly, in this Spiritual Smoothie! I concur with him, on his wonderful description, of a place, for holy silence. Ãçiû! Ãçiû is a Lithuanian word, meaning, “thank you.” Sincerely,
    Ponia Rozè Elzbietã Kristina Apanaviçiûtë Andradevicienë. / Mrs. Rosè Elizabeth Christina Apanavicius Andrade.
    Sudieù! Sudieû is another Lithuanian word, meaning, “go with God.” Said when parting company, written, at the end, of letters, postcards and, in this case, text messages. It is similar, to the Spanish word, “adios.”

  2. My first time here. I found the Holy silence as something to be sought. I would also like to enter into meditation of holy scriptures with the Holy silence of this appreciation of God’s beauty. I would like to try this. I am a rookie though and would pray for the spiritual discipline to encounter it. Thank you, I am very happy my friend recommended your website

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