Spiritual Smoothie: First Comes Prayer

God calls us, first and foremost, to be his companions. This is the same invitation He extended to the apostles! But how are we to accomplish this? Fr. Bartunek guides us to consider how we can delve deeper into a relationship with Christ.

Did you enjoy this Spiritual Smoothie? The video content was originally produced for our Retreat Guide: The Complete Christian: A Retreat Guide On The Calling Of The Twelve Apostles. Access the full Retreat Guide to delve deeper here.

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The Complete Christian: A Retreat Guide on the Calling of the Twelve Apostles

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Divine Mercy Meditation Novena

Join us on a truly unique experience

of the gift of God’s mercy in your own life journey!

Thank you! Your novena will begin on Good Friday (4/10/2020) and conclude on Divine Mercy Sunday.  We look forward to sharing this with you!