Study Circle Guide: BLACK-BELT DAD

This Study Circle Guide is only a pointer to a readyto- go resource designed to help men reflect seriously on and, with the help of peer accountability and God’s grace, to rise to the challenge of applying gospel principles more intentionally to their critical roles as fathers, husbands, parishioners, and professionals.

The Black-Belt Dad Small Group Discussion resource is part of the Fatherhood and Leadership Initiative, started by a team of men in the Philadelphia area.

The Black-Belt Dad resource contains four series (called “sessions”), each of which consists of a discussion guide for six meetings. A group can get together for one series (six meetings), and decide whether to continue with the remaining three series.

Dads and husbands. The approach and substantive content of the discussion guides is Catholic, but the emphasis is on applying gospel values to real life. Therefore, the values and virtues have universal applicability and would be of interest even to non- Catholic men who felt a need to improve their fatherhood and leadership.

Each meeting focuses on a real-life case study, analyzed in light of the gospel and discussed in terms of growing in virtue. As a result, this study will be of interest to men of a more practical bent; it will not be satisfying for those who want to dig deep into Catholic theology.

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