This Study Circle Guide is only a pointer to a readyto-go resource perfect for ongoing study of the four Gospels: The Better Part: A Christ-Centered Resource for Personal Prayer. This book was designed from the beginning to be useful for individuals, small groups, and even classrooms. It provides sufficient structure for effective small-group meetings, but avoids an overabundance of stifling material.

It focuses on understanding the four Gospels from the point of view of what do these sacred texts reveal to me about Jesus Christ and how to know, love, and follow him more completely?

The book provides various types of explanations of the Gospel texts – apologetics, historical, theological, spiritual—all woven together in a format designed to foster greater and better informed love for Christ and his Church.

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Nine Days with Mary Magdalene

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Thank you! Your novena will begin on July 12 and conclude on the Feast of Mary Magdalene on July 22. Each email will include an image, a short reflection on the life of Mary Magdalene and a concluding prayer.