“Ask a Priest: Is a General Confession Just for a Select Few?

Q: My questions regard a general confession. I have a friend who has been out of the Church for many years. He is having a very difficult time on all levels (spiritually, emotionally and physically). Because I care for him and want to see him better... [Read more...]

“Ask a Priest: Is It OK to Date Someone Who Is Cohabitating?”

Q: I know this woman who does not believe in the sacrament of marriage. Her culture believes that living together is like being married. She has been living with a boyfriend for quite a while. Recently, she has shown a strong interest in me. I am Catholic... [Read more...]

“Ask a Priest: When Is It OK to Fast?”

Q: Aside from times of the year when fasting is encouraged or required, when is it appropriate to fast? Also, are there any prayers for fasting? I haven’t had much luck finding any. Thank you! – J.R. Answered by Fr. Edward McIlmail, LC A: Fasting... [Read more...]

“Ask a Priest: What If I’m Surrounded by Unhappy Co-workers?”

Q: I am employed in a temporary position over the summer, and my office is filled with unhappy people. I’m doing my best to keep a positive attitude and to find strength in God, but I’m having a hard time keeping the negativity out of my... [Read more...]

“Ask a Priest: Why Is the Bible Silent on Jesus’ Early Manhood?”

Q: Why were the accounts of Jesus after age 12 not recorded or revealed to the public? Someone told me that it’s not important and was uneventful. I know Christ gave us everything we needed when he began preaching and performing miracles. Even... [Read more...]

“Ask a Priest: Single at 44 – Have I Missed the Boat?”

Q:  I am a single, Catholic, 44-year-old female. I have never been married and do not have children. I spent the better part of my life being overweight and as a result was seldom asked out. During the past two years with the help of a dietician I... [Read more...]

“Ask a Priest: I’m Scared … Would the Church Welcome Me Back?”

Q: For my earlier life I was brought up in the Catholic Church. But eventually my parents moved away from religion, and I just stopped attending. This happened before confirmation. Now as an adult, for the past few years especially, I have felt something... [Read more...]

“Ask a Priest: What If My Husband Has Soured on Religion?”

Q:  I am having some issues in my marriage regarding my Catholic faith. I married someone who was brought up Methodist, but has been non-practicing for many years. Before we married, we discussed how important my faith is to me and that we would raise... [Read more...]

“Ask a Priest: What If I Sincerely Disagree With Key Church Teachings?”

Q: I’ve been drawn to the Catholic faith for as long as I can remember, but have never taken any steps to convert because of some of the things I’d heard about the Church. Now, many of these things I’ve been able to address through... [Read more...]

“Ask a Priest: How Should I React When Gay “Spouses” Want a Baby?”

Q: I work with a girl who is married to another girl and they are planning on going through the insemination process to have a baby. I get along with this girl well, and we have a great relationship. However, I do not agree with what she is doing and... [Read more...]

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