“Ask a Priest: I’m Scared … Would the Church Welcome Me Back?”

Q: For my earlier life I was brought up in the Catholic Church. But eventually my parents moved away from religion, and I just stopped attending. This happened before confirmation. Now as an adult, for the past few years especially, I have felt something... [Read more...]

“Ask a Priest: Could a Convicted Felon Become a Catholic?”

Q: Could you explain the steps I would need to take to become a Catholic? And would the Catholic Church allow me to become a member if I am a convicted felon? -G. Answered by Fr. Edward McIlmail, LC A: It is good to hear that you are interested in entering... [Read more...]

“Ask a Priest: How Can I Help a Non-believing Sibling?”

Q: I come from a family of deeply committed Anglican Christians. My great aunts never missed church and at my request began taking me to Sunday services from time to time as a child. Unfortunately, my mother and father who lead good lives influenced... [Read more...]