St Anselm

Archbishop of Canterbury and Doctor of the Church (entered heaven in 1109)

Dear Anne,

I think you should reconsider your decision.  I am convinced that you can stay involved in student government, dominate your double-major, keep up with your violin, and still have plenty of fun, if (and that’s a very BIG ”if”), if you do one thing: keep your prayer time sacred (which it is, by nature – sacred, I mean).  Daily meditation, rosary, and night prayer, Mass as often as your weekly class schedule will allow it (don’t settle for Sunday only; even if you have to go off campus to catch an evening Mass; believe me, when you’re on Wall Street working 7am-10pm it’s going to be a lot harder), and confession at least every two weeks.  If your friendship with Christ is ALIVE, and you are constantly renewing your deep motivations (everything for the sake of his Kingdom!) he will fill you so full of energy that no to-do list will be too daunting. Of course, you will always have to manage your time sensibly; wasting time is not a graduation requirement, you know.  In my experience, the real difficulty is usually not having too much to do, but not doing first things first. The peace of heart and clarity of mind that come from an intimate relationship with Christ make it easy to choose wisely and follow through on other commitments. Take today’s saint for example. For years Anselm juggled duties as Abbot, Archbishop, royal regent, prolific author, defender of the poor, professor, reformer (in the true sense), traveler, and philosopher, and executed them all with remarkable success.  It wasn’t easy, especially since the English kings at the time were bent upon confiscating the Church’s property, which meant that he, as the Archbishop of Canterbury, was under constant fire. But in spite of harsh conditions, chronic illness, and unceasing opposition, Anselm succeeded in winning countless hearts to Christ. The secret? He kept God first – not only in how he spent his time, but in what he paid attention to in his heart.  You may need to make some major schedule adjustments here and there, but if you make Christ your constant companion, he will gladly teach you how to conquer time for the sake of his Kingdom.  

Hopes and prayers, Uncle Ed

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