St Cristóbal Magallanes Jara and St Augustin Caloca

Priests and Martyrs (entered heaven on this day, 1927, shot by a firing squad)

Dear Maggie,

I only have a minute (they just got some new truth-drugs in and they are dying to try them out on me; it’s a shame they won’t like the results – they’ll think I’m lying, as they always do, because the real truth is that I am not what they think I am, so under the truth-drug influence I’ll just keep giving them the same answers as always… oh well), but I don’t want to wait even one day to answer your last note.

You should most definitely NOT take a role in a movie that promotes the view that homosexuality is equally valid as heterosexuality.  I wouldn’t be so against it if the movie merely raised the issues or promoted a more mature understanding of the difficulties faced by people with same-sex attractions, but in good conscience, can you really put your talents at the service of something that will further deceive gays into thinking that the “gay lifestyle” will be a source of interior peace and fulfillment?  You know it’s not true, so how could you be party to propagating the lie?  I know it’s an incredible opportunity, and it could be a huge step up for your career, but are you willing to take that step by walking over the deluded misery of the people affected by the movie?  You need to refresh your priorities, so take a look at today’s saints.

St Cristóbal was a shepherd boy who felt called to the priesthood.  Before and after ordination, his love for Christ turned him into a tireless apostle, coming up with project after project to improve the lot of his poor Mexican countrymen.  He helped found schools, a newspaper, catechism centers for children and adults, carpentry shops, and an electric plant to power the mills.  He worked intensely with the indigenous people and brought them together with the townspeople to form agrarian cooperatives.

And when the revolutionary government began suppressing religious activities, he didn’t blink an eye.  He opened up a clandestine seminary when they closed the non-clandestine one, and when they found him out and shut him down, he opened up another.  Then the same thing happened again and he opened up another.  He was convinced that without well-formed priests, the work of the Church would never be able to survive the bloody persecution.

Finally, the government had had enough, and they arrested him along with one of his former seminarians, St Augustin Caloca, and executed them in a firing squad without a trial.  Before the execution he distributed his belongings among the soldiers and gave them all absolution.  He was one of 25 Mexican martyrs canonized by Pope John Paul II during the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000.

He could have told himself that because of the many good works he was doing he didn’t need to risk his life by continuing the formation of future priests in seminaries, but he knew that one compromise would soon lead to another, and then another, and the cause of Christ would be betrayed.  Take courage, my dear niece, and don’t compromise.  God will take care of you if you trust him.  Gotta go.

Your devoted uncle,


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