St Euplus

Martyr (entered heaven in 304)

Dear Polly,

Glad to hear that you’ll be able to squeeze in a couple of weeks of vacation before going back to school.  You need it, after holding down two full time jobs for the whole summer; what a pity college costs money…  I just wanted to remind you to pack your Bible. Vacation means a change of pace, rest and rejuvenation for the mind and body, but it shouldn’t mean neglect of the soul.  You can’t put your spiritual life on hold without losing touch with what matters the most (i.e. God). Those who have tried have often ended up turning a vacation into a moral washout.  Spending some time in tranquil, prayerful reading of the Scriptures every day (even while lounging underneath a palm tree) is a good way to keep your balance. That reminds me of today’s saint.

Euplus loved the Scriptures.  When he turned himself in to the Sicilian Governor for being a Christian, he had a copy of the Gospels under his arm.  He defended their truth and his faith valiantly, so the governor threw him into prison and confiscated the sacred texts.  Three months later he was interrogated again, and again he professed his faith in Christ and refused to sacrifice to the pagan gods.  When asked if he still kept the forbidden writings he said yes. Of course, he had no book, so they asked him to explain. He answered, pointing to his breast, “They are within me.”  And truly they were. His heart was so set on Christ’s truth and love that he preferred suffering torture, threats, and execution by decapitation instead of renouncing his faith.

Maybe if you bring the Bible along to the beach, you’ll catch some of that spirit – though I hope you don’t have to catch a blade on your neck as well.

Happy travels, Uncle Eddy

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