St Hunna

Matron (entered heaven around the year 679)

Dear Hunny,

I was encouraged to hear about the success of your Apologetics Workshop, but I am seriously concerned about your other news.  What good will it be to you or your Lord if you organize and run wonderful, well-attended Catholic events if they lead you into the sins of arrogance and self-righteousness?  I will have you remember that the only time Christ got mad was when he ran into hypocrites. I can just picture you at the Apologetics Workshop going on and on about the Scriptural evidence for the seven sacraments and the authority of the Magisterium, and then returning to your dorm room and giving the silent treatment to your poor roommates.  My dear niece, I admit that they sound like incorrigible characters, but you are a soldier of Christ! You don’t have to “like” them, but you do have to love them, serve them, forgive them, be Christ’s patience and kindness for them!  If you don’t, who will? And how will they come to believe? As our Lord tells us, what good will it do if we only greet our friends, only serve those who are pleasant to us?  Take a lesson from today’s saint. St Hunna married a nobleman who lived near today’s Franco-German border. She spent her days running their estate while Huno (her husband) was busy with public affairs.  But she always made time to do little favors for all the poor villagers, even to the point of washing their laundry. This is how she pleased God and extended his Kingdom. So if your spoiled roommates keep leaving their dirty clothes all over the suite, stop complaining and take a trip to the laundry room!  Keep up the good work.

God bless. Uncle Eddy

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