St Liberatus and Companions

Martyrs (entered heaven in 484)

Dear Libby,

You always were a forward thinking girl – I will be glad to take a look at your résumé (I have plenty of free time), though I advise you to take my comments with a grain of salt, since I’m no career placement expert… By the way, I wouldn’t let concern over employment cloud the beautiful prospects of senior year.  Take advantage of all that college has to offer, and spend plenty of time helping your younger classmates (especially those incoming freshmen and the sophomore slumpers) get onto a healthy and happy path – you remember how rough it was for you at the beginning.  And as you begin your job interviews, keep in mind the lessons of today’s saints.

Huneric, the heretical king of northern Africa at the time, tried to eradicate the Catholic faith from his kingdom.  His policy included razing all Catholic monasteries.  Liberatus was abbot of one such unfortunate establishment, and he and his six monks were brought to trial.  The authorities offered them wealth and pleasures if they would renounce their faith, and torturous death if they wouldn’t.  The brave monks responded, “We confess one Lord, one faith, and one baptism.  As to our bodies, do with them what you please, and keep those riches which you promise us, which will surely perish.”  So the monks were bound and set in a boat full of kindling sticks, which was pushed out to sea.  With burning arrows and pitch they tried to set it aflame, but couldn’t.  Finally, the magistrate lost patience and had them brought back to shore, where the soldiers used the oars to bash in their skulls.

With a résumé like yours, you will probably receive equally tempting offers; I pray that you will weigh them with equal prudence – not every job, no matter how much it pays now, is conducive to our lasting good, and not every suffering, no matter how difficult, is to be shunned.

Honestly your uncle,


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